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I cut out sugar and high carb foods (like white flour etc) and my binging has slowed quite a bit....I find now when I do binge I'm making healthy choices about what I'm eating even if I am overeating. Binging is a process for me, it's getting fewer in between sessions and what I'm consuming plus the amount are much smaller and better. I still want to kick it though. However if I do eat a cookie or something while I'm in a binge it's hard to break again. Sugar is definitely addictive for me. I have to watch it when I catch myself slipping like this morning putting a teaspoon of sugar in my tea. I know for me just the taste of it will hook me again and a teaspoon can very easily for me turn into 3 then 4 etc. That's how I use to drink my tea! So yeah, sugar is a huge thing for me. I do treat myself with something sweet after meals, like a kashi granola bar etc but with pastries, cakes, cookies etc..I really have to catch myself and eliminate it all together unless special events I'll do it in moderation (like my kids birthday parties last week, I had a sliver of cake)

I know in myself I can't entirely give it up, but I think if I'm on plan with my eating 90% of the time I can then have the things I like in moderation. I want to live and that includes foods I like, but I just won't be eating it as a staple diet now! LOL

The white carbs effect my sugar levels too and make me crave the sweet things. So I have to also stay away from white flour bread/cakes, pastries, pasta (when I do eat pasta it's whole grain) cause my cravings kick in again with white pasta.

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