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Originally Posted by one small bowl View Post
There may be something else at issue here than just wishing you had lost more weight in the 6 weeks. No one can identify it except you and you need to be willing to explore it.

Ask yourself some questions:
Are your expectations too high so that you can prove to yourself you cannot make your goal (a way to fail so you can go back to bingeing)?

Are you uncomfortable with success? Does it make you feel as though you have a new standard to live up to?

Try journalling, write down some thoughts and ideas an see where it takes you. Stay with it, keep exploring, there are many of us who face weird road blocks of our own creation. I know I have been in a major stall for a year! I finally realized many of my fears of getting to goal and I continue to work on them by pushing myself to explore what I feeling and not using food to push those feelings away.
I completely agree with this. I also think that if you do not do some soul searching and figure out what else is going on then you are setting yourself up for failure.

There is absolutely nothing that is "not that great" about losing 14 lbs in six weeks for anybody who is overweight at any starting weight. This is a healthy weight loss for anybody who is overweight. I feel that our media has really skewed our ideas of what a healthy weight loss is. Shows like Biggest Loser show people losing 10 lbs a week, that is not healthy and rarely sustainable. Not to mention all the magazine articles promising a lose of 20 lbs in 4 weeks, etc. This is not reality, healthy or advisable. Numerous studies on long term weight lose has shown that people who are lose weight slowly are more likely to maintain their weight lose and live healthier.

Be proud of yourself you did fantastic!
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