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Originally Posted by GlamourGirl827 View Post
I have to say no sugar and no/low carbs are two VERY different things.
I eat plenty of carbs. I eat Quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and I make my own whole wheat and rye bread, so there's no added sugar. BeachPatrol said it perfectly that the less sugar, the better.
I'm sorry! I wasn't trying to change the subject of your thread or hijack it or anything. What I should have said was "I gave up all sugar, but my body didn't really respond until I gave up all the other carbs and then I experienced the same awesome state you're talking about." I do think "sugar" and "carbs" are different things, though all digestible carbs are turned into sugar by your body and once they are, they have the same effects on your body that eating sugar does. For me, the effect of a bowl of quinoa and a big piece of chocolate cake is exactly the same. For others, that may not be true at all.

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