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Originally Posted by DezziePS View Post
I can't really imagine a no- carb diet- it sounds like it would be really hard to get enough fiber! ANd when you say you're sugar-free, do you mean refined sugar, or do you mean ALL sugar- like you don't eat fruit? I'd love to see an example of what you all eat daily. I'm always up for trying something new!
I don't get any fiber, AT ALL. And that's fine with me. I have no problem pooping. My digestion is actually so much healthier seeming. When I was eating fiber all the time (and by that I mean my whole life up until this year), I thought it was normal and healthy to fart all the time. When I cut the carbs and fiber and everything else pretty much out of my diet, I would go for weeks at a time without farting. And I wasn't missing it. Also never had heartburn. There are actually a lot of people who believe that fiber is not necessary and can even be damaging (ie, all it does is scrape up your insides all the time leaving you inflamed and constantly in a state of trying to heal but being re-assaulted). You can see some views here, if you're interested (I'm guessing this there are arguments from both sides on this thread).

When I'm doing zero carb I consume only meat, heavy whipping cream (in my coffee and tea), and very limited cheese. Nothing else.

I wonder if you went low enough on your carbs to get into ketosis. I think a lot of the mood/energy benefits come from running on ketones. Some people have to get VERY low to experience it, like 10ish grams a day. Most people probably don't need to go anywhere near that low, though.

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