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I may be a bit late in chiming in but I kinda know how you feel Live2eat. I have problems with food due to how I was raised (mother constantly making remarks about what I eat, tells me to lose weight, then tosses me a kitkat bar after a heavy lunch full of white rice, home made curries and fatty foods. When I beg her to make healthier foods, she'd do it once or twice then go back to our heavy diets. This despite three out of four of her kids being morbidly obese from a young age.)

Finally I moved out for college and lived on my own. I did everything you did to curb my appetite and control my eating habits. I restricted what food is in my house (to the point where if friends were coming over I'd dread buying them snacks/food because of the temptation of leftovers.)

I lost over 40 pounds living alone without really trying...(well and discovering I had hypothyroidism helped a little!)

Now that I am back living at home I'm finding the struggle creeping back up - though thankfully I am a bit more resistant than before. BUT! Here are some tips I can give you to help you out:

1. Before eating out by about half an hour eat a cup of yogurt (I prefer unsweetened.) It fills you up enormously and that way even if you give in and order something heavy you won't eat that much of it. I also recommend having starters as your main course, ask them to remove bread from the table and just order one course.

2. If she has food in your house, mark it as hers - be territorial. You aren't allowed to touch her food AT ALL. Its off limits. Think of her food as more of a roommate's than a girlfriend's. You don't touch your roommate's or officemate's food. I know this is easier said then done however, especially if you haven't lived with territorial people!

3. Another method is to agree on which snacks are allowed in the house and which aren't. Allow only the least caloric ones or the ones you don't like. If she wants more of the unhealthier types that you like ask her to kindly either keep it in her bag/out of sight and to not tell you if she indulges.

4. If she absolutely must have them (and she has every right since she is living there too) limit the number you can have in your house. Ask her not to get the big bags but smaller ones that are just for her and ask her ever so sweetly if she can only bring one or two bags/things of unhealthy stuff in your house. If you guys run out it's an excuse to get off your *** and go buy more (and hey, that movement can burn a few calories too!)

5. Also this may not help unless you're a calorie counter, but in order to disgust myself from indulging in unhealthy snacks I always read the nutrition section. Sometimes I get so shocked by how much calories are in them that it snaps me out of my cravings.

That's it for now, hope it helped!

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