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I am so grateful for finding this site and these threads specifically.

I joined ww in 2003 with a lot of success. Even when I stopped counting points years later, the weight never came back as I had learned about portions and better choices.

The past few months I had to stop going to my daily bikram class due to my work schedule and packed on a few. I went back to my faithful WW meeting and left there so confused regarding PP system. I gave it a shot since it was new and improved and figured why not

I cant believe I am saying this, but I only lost 2 pounds in 4 weeks and quit completely discouraged. I went on ebay bought a points slider and started my version of points. Back to basics by weighing and measuring everything and dropped 4 pounds in a week.

I am happy to find others like myself. This site has provided many useful links and no longer feel alone following an *obsolete* plan

Weight Watchers... what is wrong with you??

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