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Shine your sink, flyladies!!! Like it's EVER empty enough to worry about seeing the shine through the dishes. Sorry, but with a teenager in the house any attempt at cleanliness is immediately countered with additional mess.

I clean on Saturday. If you want to come see my clean apartment, come then. Otherwise make an appointment. The rest of the week, if something is in your way and it won't move for you, walk around it, 'cause Saturday is coming! I get up before 5am, work until 6pm, have to cook dinner and sometimes do dishes, so it's 8pm before I have any time....and I'm sure as heck not spending it cleaning!

And I thought dust ruffles were to hide/contain the dust under the bed, not to mention give our little dust bunnies or larger dust elephants some privacy?

just 'cause I really like that one!
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