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Originally Posted by ForeverLove View Post
Does anyone else have the problem where you actually don't mind the way you look? I mean, a lot of other people do apparently but I have never put much stock in what other people say/think about me. I know it's unhealthy and all that jazz but my weight has never really stopped me from physically doing anything I want to do, like if my friends want to go hiking, I go hiking and I can keep up pretty well. But I just feel like if I hated my body it would be easier for me to put it through **** to become healthy. Idk, just my thought for the day. I'm still trying really hard to push myself though.
that's happened to be, both at the beginning of my journey and after i lost the first 60 lbs.

at the beginning, it was because i was in denial and didnt think i looked too bad. looking back, i was carrying too much weight for my frame. then after i lost the first 60, the flood of compliments came in and i got a boyfriend and felt more confident, and thats where i've lived the past two years.

however, this time i realized that this is not what i want to weigh, regardless of how confident i feel. this time, the weight loss is for me. i'm motivating myself by deciding this is my birthday gift to myself.

however, i'm actually not dissatisfied with the way i look, but i've decided that this is not the weight i want to be at.
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