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Hi, my name is Ellen and I'm a stay at home Mom to my retired DH. We'll be celebrating our 45th anniversary in October.

I used to be 5'5" but I think I'm more like 5'3" nowadays (and no, I really don't want to know for sure - that way I can still look at weights for 5'4"). My highest at dr. office was 251 in March of 2002. I started this journey sort of leisurely in May of that year and was at 250 when I saw dr. in June. Picked up the pace with 3FC around then and was at 208.8 on my scale yesterday (some #s difference from drs, of course). For the most part, it's been slow with the usual ups and downs. My goal is mainly to be eating in a healthy, moderate way amd with the exception of some occasional off days and one major binge, I've been doing that. Fortunately, the M.B. lasted only one evening.

I have to occasionally remind myself of the water. I've been having at least 8 cups every day but find I need more than that to lose. My main problem is exercise. I have RA and sometimes that limits me to water exercising. I've recently recommitted to that and had three good workouts last week. I like to walk but a mile is a major accomplishment for me. So if nothing else, I'm 40 #s lighter and a lot healthier than a year ago.

So, slowly, steadily, hopefully downward....
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