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Urgh. I weighed in on Friday and was up 5 lbs (in two weeks--I go bi-monthly now) according to their scale.

I'm sure part of it was because I was wearing heavier clothes (denim trousers and a sweater vs. yoga pants and a t-shirt, which is my usual weigh-in outfit) and a different time of day (Friday afternoon instead of my usual Saturday morning). So, I think I've actually only gained about 3lbs.

But I also know part of it was that I've been snacking a lot in the evenings and eating out more in the last week or so. I'm really struggling right now with being in more social settings (I avoided most social engagements while dieting for this very reason), as well as with people who are "feeders" and just really generous with food. They bring it over, and I just can't stop myself.

My husband has one friend who is a major "feeder" -- I think I'm just going to tell him that he can't bring food over any more, or if he does it has to be just enough for him and my husband. And he absolutely cannot leave leftovers at our house.

As far as the socializing thing... I'm at a loss. Went to a party Friday evening with appetizers, desserts and drinks. I brought a fairly healthy dip and crackers, but overate on what everyone else brought. Then Saturday night we went bowling with friends (I used to be on a league until I broke my wrist a couple years ago, so I LOVE bowling), and I didn't intend to drink, but they got pitchers... and I decided to have one. I forgot how much I liked beer & bowling (it's the only time I drink beer--usually it's gross to me) and I ended up having 5 beers (500+ calories and then a major headache the next morning!).

I'm planning on being as careful as I can and avoid unplanned food issues this week... avoiding eating out so I can keep it under my control, too. I'm also going to try to step up my workouts--adding back a yoga class (I've only been going to 1/week since July), and possibly jogging outside one day a week. I'm pretty motivated on the jogging right now--there's a "Turkey Trot" 5K here on Thanksgiving, and I'm really going to try to run it (however slowly that may be, lol).

How have you all been handling social situations that are centered around food/drink? The drinking isn't much of an issue for me (except when bowling, lol), because I'm really not much of a drinker. But the food...
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