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Originally Posted by thin4me View Post
I appreciate all the feedback - this type of brainstorming is giving me different views.

I just don't have too much confidence in her as she originally told me lettuce & celery were unlimited - found out 2 weeks later that she was incorrect. Mentioned I need 1-2 tsp of oil/day but never told me that was "on top" of what you use to cook until last week, therefore I have only started to ensure I get that in. Originally stated that I could have "unlimited" WF dressings and has recently changed it to two tablespoons.

I have lost inches (30 so far), I take all the supplements that are mandatory and drink over 120 ounces of water a day - I'm a waterholic! I measure all my veggies and eat lettuce at lunch and supper. And as mentioned earlier I weigh my meat after it is cooked and make sure I have over 4oz

I use to work out 4 times/week, 1/2 hour treadmill or stairmaster with althernate days using weights. Since I've started IP I haven't done the above as my coach mentioned it could put the body into starvation mode. So basically I'm on my *** 12 hr/day (4 days/week) and doubt very much I'm burning more than I'm eating. I am really itching to get to the gym, but the week I went a couple times (only walked on the treadmill ) I gained .8lbs and have been leary to try it again.

My coach still says the WF stuff is unlimited just use moderation. You could of gained when you did go to the gym because you didn't have enough protein. IF you decided to go back to the gym I would maybe add a packet eating 1/2 before your workout and the other 1/2 after. That seems to be what the others who work out do. If at all possible I would eat more than 4 ozs of meat try to get at least 6 because if you are not getting enough that could be causing you to lose slow as well. Remember we need to fuel our body so that it can lose the fat...sounds weird but that is what we do.

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