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I appreciate all the feedback - this type of brainstorming is giving me different views.

I just don't have too much confidence in her as she originally told me lettuce & celery were unlimited - found out 2 weeks later that she was incorrect. Mentioned I need 1-2 tsp of oil/day but never told me that was "on top" of what you use to cook until last week, therefore I have only started to ensure I get that in. Originally stated that I could have "unlimited" WF dressings and has recently changed it to two tablespoons.

I have lost inches (30 so far), I take all the supplements that are mandatory and drink over 120 ounces of water a day - I'm a waterholic! I measure all my veggies and eat lettuce at lunch and supper. And as mentioned earlier I weigh my meat after it is cooked and make sure I have over 4oz

I use to work out 4 times/week, 1/2 hour treadmill or stairmaster with althernate days using weights. Since I've started IP I haven't done the above as my coach mentioned it could put the body into starvation mode. So basically I'm on my *** 12 hr/day (4 days/week) and doubt very much I'm burning more than I'm eating. I am really itching to get to the gym, but the week I went a couple times (only walked on the treadmill ) I gained .8lbs and have been leary to try it again.

REBOOT Jan 14/13 - 19 lbs to disappear!
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