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Originally Posted by thin4me View Post
So for the second week in a row I had a dissapointing loss of 1lb. Yes, I understand it is a loss, however considering I haven't cheated, I'm not close to my goal weight and I'm doing everything by the book I'm stumped??

My coach told me once again she would understand if I phased off and stopped, I told her I've invested too much into the program and need to succeed.

She suggested I do 3 full days of ONLY restricted foods - breakfast, lunch and snack in order to kick start my body, or I could have 3 cheat days and then go to phase 1 as it wouldn't be any different. I mentioned that 3 restrictives would at least be controlled proteins and carbs which to me sounds very different from 3 cheat days.

Then in a different breath she said perhaps I'm insulin resistant and should give up on restrictives and see how that works.

Another thing she mentioned was perhaps I'm starving myself..... she said I should be having 8oz of uncooked meat for dinner. I told her I weigh it after it is cooked and ensure I get just over 4 oz, I was sure I read it had to be between 5-8oz of uncooked meat. No way in **** can I eat more than that and I'm not a super large person to start with so it really doesn't make sense.

She also stated that inches lost should be similar to weight lost. I have lost 30 inches to date but only 19lbs and she is hung up on that (this is week 8)....

I follow the diet to a T. The only things I have that may be an issue are:
2 cups coffee - 2 packs of splenda (max per day) - no milk
Red Rose tea (black - perhaps 2 per day) - however I drink plenty of water
Mint tea and other teas (some herbal)
Gum (2 pieces/day) - Dentyne Fire or Stride

I left the office with a week of food containing no restrictives. I'm dissapointed and confused and could use any advice or suggestions you may have. I really need to succeed on this diet but paying $90/lb is killing me!
WOW! Not what this program is about, makes me want to smack your coach in the head!! OK, you are losing inches every week? In two weeks you dropped over 7lbs, that is a lot for a body to adjust too, plus I would guess you dropped inches also those two weeks. A body can only do so much at one time, do you have a body comp done?
Hang in there, do the program as written and let your body do what it does even if it is slower than what you think.
OH, try dropping the gum, sugar-free gum has alcohol in it that can for some people cause problems.
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