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Originally Posted by Junetwin11 View Post
I was wondering if there is a Christmas challenge as well. The clinic where I go is gonna donate to the food bank for every pound lost during Nov & Dec. Cool idea
That is a nice idea! I hope there is another challenge for Christmas. I joined the Halloween one late but thought it was fun to watch the numbers change in the spreadsheet.

Originally Posted by misswinter View Post
Endless: Your numbers will get bigger again and 2 pounds isnt' anything to be disappointed about! 20 pounds in 3 weeks is huge!! Keep up the great work.

I finally got rid of the TOM bloat so I'm happy about that. Tomorrow evening is my WI and it will likely be the smallest loss I've had to date, but it is still a loss! Seeing that scale go down each time is such a great feeling. This was a tough week, no doubt, but I feel re-motivated and pumped up once again.

Have a great OP day everyone!
You and me both-last week was TOM and I was in a funk. Feeling pumped again and re-motivated! Let's do this thing!
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