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Good Afternoon GG's

Happy Halloween! What is everyones plans for tonight? Did anyone dress in costume over the weekend? We used to go to party's every year, haven't in some time. As I got older it kind of lost it's appeal. DGS's birthday party was a real success. Everyone had so much fun, said it was the best party they had ever been to. He dressed up for school today too. Does any one remember "The Outsiders"? He's dressing as Pony Boy. That is his favorite movie, odd since it is so old.

I wash windows. Not that I like it or anything that dumb, but I can't stand looking out through a dirty window. And I don't mind ironing. It's kind of soothing.

Carol Sue, My mom makes chow chow. the old fashioned, southern kind. Next time I talk to her I'll get the recipe and send it to you. Sounds like that is the kind you want. I do use coupons when I shop. I don't believe those "Super coupon" people either. They buy many papers and get them in ways I wouldn't be interested in. If I get the paper and there are coupons for things I really need, I might buy 2.

Marie, We keep waiting for our kids to "grow up". sometimes it just doesn't happen. Doesn't stop us from loving them, but makes it very hard to get along with them, prevents any real closeness. I'm sure his wife didn't want to meet with you alone, she knew she wouldn't be able to answer your questions about why you should apologize.

Nancy, I have cold feet too, and I have to wear warm socks in the house. I wear them to bed too, untill I get warm, then I take them off.

Karen, I use the same formula your dad did for windows, and I use a squeegy. Sometimes those old fashioned things just work. That's why they've been around so long.

Z, Have a good trip and be careful. I hope the weather gets better for you.

Donna, doing anything the easier way is fine! I'm all for easy! I just want them clean, I don't care how they get that way.

Rosie, your doggie ate your book? I would be a little upset. She would have to tell me the ending or be in big trouble.

Rie, I use flax seeds too. I buy a bag and keep them in the refrigerator untill I need them. I grind a small amount every week, just enought for the week. I sprinkle them on everything. I put them in pancake mix and muffins or sprinkle them on pudding or cereal. I also put them in meatloaf.

Everyone, have a happy day.

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