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Default I'm not pregnant...

Can't believe no one has posted this already....

Getting asked when my baby's due! I am NOT pregnant, nor have I ever been.

Being fat sucks, but carrying most of your weight directly on your uterus sucks more.

Other things -
Not being able to ride every roller coaster in the park because my food baby and safety belts are not compatible...there were some men much larger than me that could ride, but they're able to lift that belly to make room for the seat belt. My food baby doesn't move

Yearly ski trip with family...last winter my calves were too fat to make skiing an option. I sat in the condo all weekend, and my family was pissed at me for months for "ruining their vacation."

While I can still put on my shoes fairly easily, putting on nylons is now quite the ordeal!

Just starting the weight loss journey again, and the straw this time -- I feel like ****. Tired all day, can barely concentrate at work. This is now about necessity, not vanity.
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