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Okay I have ordered this program and while I haven't "started" it, I find it to be full of amazing thoughts and ideas. I heard that the company Robert Ferguson used to sell his product didn't do the greatest job. When you go though the program, you really do have questions. Now Robert does have a site where you can talk and ask questions so that helps and he is on Facebook and is very down to earth.
Another thing to point out is he does have a book out that I ordered from Amazon and it was full of great information but doesn't include the motivational CDs or the exercise DVD that I found to be fun.
They allow you to keep the kit for 8 weeks to give it a try (after you pay the $40 for first payment and shipping) and if you keep it they only take out $20 a month to pay it off.
It's real food and real eating and after the 21 day makeover there isn't much restriction at all.
Honestly I just haven't started fully yet but it has a lot of potential. My advice is to order the book and give it a read and go from there.

For now I'm just going to worry about moving my BUTT more and cutting down on my late night eating, hoping everything will just fall into place.

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