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I am 5'4 and my goal weight by the center was 128. I told them that is not good, I wanted 125, and then I went to 120 as a buffer and glad I did.. If I gain 2 pounds, I get it right off, but do have a buffer, and believe me that really helps. Only time I gain is if I eat out more than once a week, and it is not from bad eating it is from salt content and we never know how the foods are prepared, regardless of what you ask for.. Good idea , though , in my opinion to have a buffer

Mama 4901..

Do you know why you have gained the weight back? I have not gained it back nor have I gained any inches back.. If I gain two pounds, I go right back to the green menu(which is my last menu on Meta Slim) for that week or until I lose the weight and I eat more fish and eggbeaters, or egg whites. I
have allergies if I eat the whole eggs, but am ok with eggbeaters. Center told me that is the quickest way to get it back off.. Welcome to the board.

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