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Good Morning Ladies

Still haven't heard from the doctor. The nurse told me that it takes a few days before the report of the stress test come in to my reg doctor. But in the mean tine I can breath at night and I need something to take instead of the nasal sprays. I called Zicam and they told me that I have to stop for 7 days before starting the sprays again. I'm really getting frustrated.

SANDRA-Hope you cold get better.I went out doors on my patio and I didn't see anything. This morning it was quite again. Must have been a animal of some kind trying to get indoors and we started to get colder weather.

NANCY-Hope your feeling better this morning. I Think it has to do with the temps that are changing form season to season along with schools starting again lots of germs are around..

RHONDA-What is Nasal Lavage, never heard of that doesn't it really work for the sinuses. I just called the NOSE,EYES & THROAT doctor and I can't see him until 11/9[ new patient day] Hope my doctor can give me something for my sinuses.

JOJO-No never found out what the noise was. We have a lots of wild animals in our neighborhood as we have woods in back and in front of out complex.

Have go go and get my laundry done have a great day.
Hugs Maryann

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