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P.S. I'm really nervous about free day no. 1 tomorrow. Are you sure this is ok, I'm feeling guilty and I haven't even done it yet. Kind of freaking out possibly however really looking forward to it at the same time. I already have planned my Strict Phase 1 day to a T for Sunday.
I have a free day today too. It is my second one, and I'm not going to go as crazy as I did the first time... I weighed mysefl this morning and I'm 145.5, so within a pound of goal. If I ever weigh in at 147.5 or higher, I don't get the cheat day (b/c I'm closer to 150 than 145, and it's time to fix that).

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Thanks Pxlkitty for doing this. You are an excellent computer nerd (and I mean that in the most complimentary way!).

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PixlKitty..Thanks so much for setting this up and getting the other one archived. I really want to keep the other one as my information source!!!

Today I am seriously going over Phase 3 breakfasts. I need to have very quick ones as my breakfast time is short before work.
I find myself looking back at the other one all the time. Hopefully they will archive it. Check out my breakfasts on fatsecret. The fastest ones are yogurt, fruit, and granola. You could pack it all the night before.
See mini goal album for weekly weight losses.

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If I do what I have always done, I will look like I have always looked and weigh what I have always weighed...
This diet/protocol/way of life that we call IP is a way out... if you let it be.
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