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Some real shockers last night. I never got the vibe before the Jennifer was so messed up in the head. Was surprised to see most everyone on the black team suggest she has some real issues. I still think she is doing fabulous weight wise. With her injuries she really doesn't let anything stop her. Was so happy for Sunny. She did fabulous.

Happy for Courtney. She looked great at home!!! What a beautiful girl. I always thought the red team was a little phony with the "oh we love each other so much" crap. They turned on her in a second and you notice she just took off out of there without so much as a hug or goodbye. She was right about Vinny. He should be one of the biggest losers percentage wise with so much weight to lose. I think most of the women have him beat.

Have I said I can't stand Bonnie. Wanted her to go home so badly last week but she had immunity. She is just a whiner and a complainer. She refuses to push herself. I absolutely hate when she says "I hope slow and steady will win the race" Hey Bonnie that is never the case at the Biggest Loser Ranch! Would have love to have seen her with Jillian as a trainer. She would have knocked that attitude out the first week! lol!!!

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