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Default Creamy Jell-o / Jelly Parfaits (IP Pudding + IP Raspberry Jelly)

CREAMY "JELL-O" PARFAITS: (IP Pudding + IP Raspberry Jelly):
My mom used to make Jell-o Parfaits which was a mix of Jell-o and Cool Whip Whipped Cream. They were fluffy fun and we loved to mix flavors like Peach & Raspberry, Chocolate Cherry, and even Watermelon. Here is an Ideal Protein twist on the classic to transform your Raspberry Jelly into a lighter dessert version.

Note that this makes 2 servings, but sets up nicely to save for the next day. I also have made this the night before and placed into two sealable containers to take 1 to work each day.

Pictured are Lemon + Raspberry (my favourite) and Chocolate + Raspberry.

You can use any IP pudding + the IP raspberry jelly. I have also made this with vanilla pudding + 1 package of sugar-free jell-o to get different flavor mixes, but have heard there is a difference between the IP Jelly gelatin and the Jell-o version (in the way its absorbed), so I cannot promise that using the Sugar-Free Jell-o is approved for IP Phase 1 (even though I have used it and not seen any problems.)

1 Packet IP Raspberry Jelly
200 ml boiling water.(about 8oz)
2 ice cubes
1 Packet IP Pudding (I have used Vanilla, Lemon, and Chocolate which all turned out great. Butterscotch, Blueberry, Strawberry all would probably work well too.)
100-150 ml cold water (about 4-6 oz)

1. Boil 200 ml (about 8oz) water.
2. Add IP Raspberry Jelly and stir until well mixed.
3. Take from heat and add ice cubes. (I try to cool to room temperature before the next step, but its not mandatory)
4. Add 1 packet IP Pudding to 100 - 150 ml cold water (less water will make a thicker final product, but you dont want it to look like cookie dough before adding to the raspberry mix. So make sure you have enough water that it will pour and mix like liquid.
5. When mixed and lumps are gone, add to the raspberry jelly. Blend very well (i use a hand mixer for best results.)
6. Place in two bowls or containers and let sit in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. You may want to stir again after 1 hour to ensure that it doesnt separate ... but that shouldnt be needed and its still delicious when there is a "sunrise" effect of more solid jell-o on the bottom and fluffy on the top.

Note that I have seen a recipe to add the Peach Mango IP drink to a packet of IP Raspberry Jelly for a treat, but I have tried that twice and both times just got an oversweet liquid that never set up. The recipe above has always set up nicely for me to a solid fluffy parfait. You can use a little less water the first time to make it to ensure success, then play with the recipe as you go on to get the right balance. (I usually use a bit more water to make a bigger portion, but you need to be careful that there isnt so much that the jelly wont set.)

I have also made this with Herbal Teas instead of water to great success (Peppermint, Bengal Spice, and Orange or other Fruit Roobois have been best)

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