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Just wanted to say hi. I just joined the forum and I am looking for some support and some friends on the same adventure!

I am 55 yrs old, married (just had our 19 anniversary yesterday). We have three grown kids; all living their own lives. We live in the country in central WI, and just love it. It is probably the best thing in our lives, other than having each other. We have two dogs, which are spoiled rotten.
I love to quilt and do machine embroider. I do work full time, in health benefits, so sometimes that can be a bit stressful. So quilting helps with that. I also love to read. Menopause has moved in with me, and I am handling it ok, but this belly weight is killing me, where does it come from?

I started on South Beach two weeks ago, and made it through P1, now starting P2. Don’t really understand how it works to add back fruit and different carbs. I feel a lot better now, I don’t find myself coming home from work having a cup of coffee, a donut and eating salty snacks. Almost wondering if there is some other meal plans that would work or should I just stay with SB.

Currentyl I weigh 190 and would like to get down to 155. I don’t do much in the way of exercise, and my job and hobbies both involve sitting, so I know that is not good.

I would like to find someone to buddy with during this, to keep me going and also to help him or her. Just someone to chat with about this and other things. My DH supports me in this adventure, but it would be nice to have a support person/group that lives it.

Hope to hear from you guys. Oh, and I never thought of myself as a Golden Girl, but I guess I am. Where does time go?

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