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I've had's time for me to give the old program another go' round because I'm in a slump. I get the feeling that PP works better when you have more weight to lose. The most I've lost at one time on PP has been .8lbs. Now granted, I'm trying to lose less than 20lbs, but still. I remember on the old program I could lose as much as 3lbs and I was smaller than I am now.

Oh I know someones gonna say it's all in my head but we already know that losing weight is more mental than anything. I'm still baffled by all who are eating 29 points.....WOAH!

I hear alot of people saying if you eat the same way you did on the old plan, you should get the same results on the new plan. Well, if that's the case why even try to the new program then? I figure, if it ain't broke....right? Call me crazy, but on this new program, I just feel more reckless.....

Ok.....thanks for letting me vent. I'm off to find my old materials and calculator.

P.S. Was I the only one who was disturbed by everyone needing to purchase a calculator (regardless if it were at a discounted price) to follow the new program?
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