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Originally Posted by Goneforgood1128 View Post
Had my first yogurt in five months today-it was DELICIOUS!!! That's probably one of the things I've missed the most!

I haven't been very regular with my exercise through this journey. Now, I'm at the weight I want to be at, but still have a LOT of toning to do! So, I am going to really try to get in some exercise this week-we'll see how it goes! Once I get a routine, it won't be a problem. I used to walk 4-6 miles EVERY morning and that lasted for three years, until I moved out to the country, away from my walking partner!
Isn't great to be able to have a yogurt and other things? I love it..
I can't eat regular yogurt,but eat soy yogurt.. Every day when I get home from work, I make myself an iced coffee, add some apple yogurt , some pumpkin pie spice ,ice and make a great coffee shake. Just wonderful.
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