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Good episode. I was sorry to see the blue team lose again, but I think we all knew it was inevitable. I think they are going to have to change the game up soon, I don't see them just letting the whole blue team go before making a change.

I'm becoming a big fan of Jennifer. It's really impressive to see what she's accomplishing with her injury. I'm starting to like the black team a lot more, still think John is a big jerk though. =)

It was nice to see Ramone step it up. I'm still completely underwhelmed by Vinny. At his starting weight he should have lost more than he has. Sure 44lbs in 4 weeks is amazing, but not for someone on this show, and as heavy as he is. I like Dolvett more and more ever week but he needs to put some focus on Vinny because he's definitely not pulling his weight for the team. Literally! =)
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