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Good Morning, All…

Rosey – congrats on your walking! That’s great! And your weight squiggly keeps dropping… you’ll be the smallest twig at the GGGathering!

Marie – are you old enough to remember an actress named Peggy Lipton (Mod Squad)… I think she looks like you (or vice versa). No, I’m not doing MF. I’m doing an alternative. I’m not sure I can talk about it here (it wasn’t allowed the last time I tried it), but you can ask on FB if you’re interested. The woman you offered to help move: is that the hated DIL? If so, I admire you greatly! I get confused with the DSs, DFs, D-everythings. It’s so much easier with NAMES. I hope you’re enjoying your time with the grandson! Oh, I just reread it, and it made more sense… this is your daughter! Okay…

CarolSue – I take it you made your way back to sanity, too, after your forays into the Wild World of no religious oppression?

Lynn – your teenage pregnancy… is that your DD or did you give the baby up for adoption? I’m glad I’m not the only one to be surprised at your description of being wild and wooly.

Rie – reading great books??? Oh, no, my little one! I read trashy novels and enjoy them! That Zoe passage was from a very nice, but very un-great, little book by Emilie Richards. They’re just NICE, and everything always works out in the end.

With Catholicism, you could get absolution in the confessional, but that GUILT was with you always! I don’t think they have confessionals anymore; I think you have to go and do a face-to-face with the priest. I think NOT. I’ll bet their participation rate has dropped a LOT. I would whither up and die of embarassment!

KarenFL – when the “girls” are happy, you’re happy, right? Good for you. You sound great! I’ll just bet you were a “smokin’ hottie”! I’ll bet you still ARE.

I already sit in the rocker and snort. I figure I’ll be the old lady on the porch, in the rocker, with the shotgun… hollering at the hooligans. I was hoping that someone would win the lottery and/or find a rich sugar mama/daddy, and spring for our trip! At my vast crone age, I don’t much care if it’s a sugar mama or sugar daddy (since I intend to read ONLY to him/her); I just want the big bucks!

Mary – glad you’re still doing well on your MF. Yes, my diet is safe. I’ve done it before and have had good results. It’s not for everyone, for sure… you have to be pretty fluffy, for one thing, with lots of extra fat. I don’t think that applies to a lot of the goldens. It works for me.

Nothing on the agenda. SamCat let me sleep until 9 a.m. (he was SO weak from hunger!). It rained in the night, and I think Winter is on its way. The high country has already had the white stuff, and the WeatherFool said it might appear in the city tonight. Hmmm. I trust nothing! The furnace kicked on this morning, though… I’m starting to perk up!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Onward………….

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