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Hey all,,,,just a few notes about my strange life. First: 2 days ago I figured I couldn't stand wearing those soft nonsupportive bras anymore...just C.O.U.L.D.N'T! So put on my favorite big girl bra and it was a miracle. Took weight off and protected the scar. Heck wore it 13 hours happily! Today 4 different people mentioned I looked so much better/ do I answer that "Better Boob Holder?"

2: You are comparing schools for strictness. I went to a Seminary for Girls as a boarder. We sang a prayer before bkft, chapel after bkft,and prayer before supper and then prayer before studyhall every night. Sundays were different....prayer before bkft,lunch and dinner plus church and vespers in the evening before studyhall. We even had to take religion as a minor all with PE and health.Freshmen and sophomores studied the Old Testament and Jr and Seniors the New Testament. Your grade counted towards your GPA. It was actually handled like a history course. Much of the church teachings were still in old German. Along with customs.....still way more liberal than the Amish. All basied on Lutheranism. Admit got a fine eduacation, but sure did make me a Heller on the weekends off. I was a smoking hottie. Course i got married at 18 and then we put the 2 of us thru college the hard way.

Freda....When they suggested Sally Fields for you my first thought was what did your school cap look like?

Donna.....i can see you sitting in the rocker or snorting and pulling on bra straps. She has your quirky humor. Love you cause I need quirkys that understand me.

Rosie....pish just wait about the trip. Another 30lbs and you'll be a new you. One of us could win the Lottery and takes all on a world cruise. The only thing in life for sure is everything changes. You have come so far....I still remember worrying about you when you disappeared.

Off to put on jammies and feets up....k3

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