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Well, I've always spent about $150 - 200 for each week's food for just my husband and me (and my two dogs---their food is expensive). Then, again, I buy organic meat & dairy, and I will only buy really good quality ingredients. I am blessed that I am able to afford to spend that much on food (even though my salary isn't that great & my husband is retired), but to me, food is a priority. I'm not rich by any means: My car is a 2004 Honda that runs well but has no automatic anything and has a dent on the driver's side. I shop mainly at TJ Maxx & Marshalls and wear clothes until they don't fit anymore or have noticeable damage on them. So, I don't have money to throw around, but eating well is very important to me. In fact, if I were to lose my job or somehow otherwise become destitute, one of the things I would miss the most would be buying quality food items.

Overall, I do think with some effort, it could be just as cheap to eat healthy as it is to eat unhealthy, but it takes more time to prepare those healthy, cheap items (e.g., dried beans, rice, etc.), and/or one must be very organized to figure out how to prepare cheap, healthy foods in a way that doesn't take all one's time.
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