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Hello Goldens!

Well, I am having a busy day. Did a killer workout this morning and I am basking in the glow.

I think we must all still be former wild girls. I went to high school in the 70's (nuff said) and I have always said that I wasn't sure how my parents still liked me after they survived my adolescence. Needless to say, none of my relatives are surprised that I became a professional who specializes in delinquent kids... I too, got pregnant early and managed to be a pretty decent parent while continuing adventures with all kinds of fun behaviors.

Lynn, count me as the clueless one, but somehow I am the least surprised by your past adventures..... Maybe we share some perspective....

Marie, it was sure cold here this morning.... Only 45 degrees but the wind was blowing and it was raining hard. I'm glad that no ice greeted your commute. Double hugs - you know why.

Carol, my mom is still fond of telling me that my behavior was my dad's fault because he was not strict enough with me. Thanks! I will be able to tell her that being strict would have made it worse.

Hi Donna! I thought immediately of Zoe but I thought it was a book reference that you guys only understand. You are all always reading these great books while I read Nora Roberts and Stephen King.... Is it cold in Denver?

On the church thing: I was raised in a Congregational church that was so conservative that they still had service in German when I was little. My family were founding members. When confirmation class came at the age of 14, I actually thought that it was time for an intellectual discussion of biblical matters. I asked too many questions! Apparently it was very upsetting to the minister who, in a meeting with my parents and grandparents, decided that my biblical knowledge was "sufficient" and that my questions were "disruptive" to the class. My family stuck up for me and I was allowed to be confirmed in the church without completing the course. Crazy. I had lots of friends who were catholic and I would attend church with them when I was with them. I was always entranced by the idea of confession and such that you could get absolution. My church believed that sin stuck to you like velcro

Gayle, it sounds like your gs has great taste - and a gma who is wonderful to recognize his likes. NICE

Freda, I hope that your back continues to improve. When will you get a diagnosis? Sorry that you are missing the fall weather.

CK, I am so glad that you are home safe and I hope that everything works out the right way about the house.

Well, I need to get some work done and I am going to see a movie tonight with friends. Have a great day and I will check in later.

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