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Val, I do like Goldie Hawn. She can play me.

Freda, I hope you feel better soon. I can imagine not enjoying the pretty weather would drive you (and me) bonkers.

I'm a bit klutzy like Val and Freda. When DH and I ski or rollerblade, that's when I fall over. Not going full speed ahead - I'm good with that. But stand me still and plunk, down I go. Nearly fell last week rollerblading as we stood still.

Lynn, wow - you were the wild child??? I was in the same thought pattern as Donna, that you were reserved and sophisticated.

Gayle, if its one thing, its another screwing up our sleep. How about making the soup without the spinach?

Carol and Donna, I didn't grow up in a strict household (my 9 year older sister did... she broke my parents for me) but I can say I was not a sweet, rule abiding child. I was naughty through my late teens and no one every caught on. At this point I can't tell my parents some of this I did behind their back as they'd have a heart attack. They don't need to know. I have told my couple of my siblings and they don't look at me the same anymore. My halo was permanently tarnished.

Last night I looked at the forecast for today and they'd said freezing fog for the morning commute. They were wrong. YIPPEE!! It was 37 degrees so I drove speedily to work. Good thing the roads weren't icy since I played with my doggies too long and was running quite late. Not much else to report. I'm looking forward to DGS time this weekend!
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