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I'll be happy to follow this over to the regular forum. Just let me know where to look! I'd LOVE to keep comparing notes with y'all.

Feffyy, when I started - just last Monday - we jumped in with both feet. My husband took it upon himself to clear all the carbs out of the cabinets, fridg, and freezer - you can't eat what isn't there We did give ourselves about a week to get through all the carb stuff we had (rice, pasta, etc) to avoid wasting a lot but after that, out it went. We've made a little project of it so I think that helps - it's not drudgery, it's a hobby.

So, where are we moving to, ladies?

Feffy, wanted to add that if you're just getting started, check out for a really great breakdown of the info. I found that it really makes a point of stressing some of the finer issues like - limiting cheese, drinking water, etc.
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