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Originally Posted by jess1 View Post
I don’t know about Shirley MacLaine for you… she’s far out, wild, and wooly, and you’re educated, urbane, sophisticated and devoted to your friends and family. Have you a second side that you haven’t shown us? I don’t see the physical resemblance, either.
Oh Donna,

Your description of me made me laugh out loud (scared the cat sitting on my lap). I am NOT urbane or sophisticated. I am known as the wild woman of the family. My nieces used to think that I was like Isadora Duncan - the one who died by having her long scarf strangle her while she was speeding around in a little sports convertible in the South of France.

As a kid, if there was trouble, I was in it. Of course, at a Catholic school, the "trouble" was not very bad. Things like reading the wrong books, wearing the wrong clothes (on days that we did not have to wear our uniforms), talking in church were the punishable offenses. Of course, I took it to the next level by getting pregnant in my Junior year.

When my first marriage ended, I was 30 and went pretty wild for a while - drinking, partying, dating, smoking (various things), and traveling. These were my Isadora Duncan days. I also got involved with various social and political causes and movements.

At this point in my life, the only thing I still do is the traveling.

So, "yes" - there is a side that I obviously have not described. I did not mean to present a different me, I just have a tendency to write in a way that is "short and (hopefully) sweet." Often that makes me seem "less ditzy" than I really am.


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