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Good Morning GG's,

The MRI went pretty well. Thank God for valium! I took 1 an hour before and it relaxed me enought that they didn't have to pull me kicking and screaming out of the machine. I was talking to a friend yesterday, another nurse, and she said she had to be pulled out. I'm still not doing great. Have a very hard time getting up and down, can't move once I lay down, but it is getting better. Makes me really angry because I want to be outside enjoying this beautiful fall weather. DH has been out this week doing the clean up, pulling up the old flowers and cleaning up the beds. The roses are giving their last big hurrah, and I'll put them to bed as soon as I can get out there. DH doesn't know how to do that. I'm going to try to get out and do a little walking today. I haven't been out (except to the Dr.) for 2 weeks and i'm going stir crazy.

Rosie, A big YEAH for you. Exercise those legs every chance you get. Are you still doing your exercises? That's why I said don't count out traveling this spring. Look at the progress you've already made.

Marie, I can totally see you as Goldie. Full of life, funny, and a big animal lover. Drive safely. I hate trying to drive on those icy roads. Have fun with that GS.

Karen, welcome home. Glad you made it (almost) safe and sound. Are you still sore?

Donna, Yes, I did think of Z when I read that description. I thought you were talking about a book, but she came to mind immedieatly. I loved Lilly Tomlin. Remember little Edith. I can't remember the name of telephone operaor either, but I remember "one ringie dingie, 2 ringie dingy)

Carol, It was nice seeing your picture. What do you mean you couldn't be raquel? Grown your hair longer, put on a pair of glasses (what kind does she do commercials for?) and it could be you. And it's all about attitude.

Lynn, I'm so glad to hear that your friends daughter is doing better and headed home. I know she must be so anxious to get home to that baby.

Rie, i'm kind of klutzie too. I can trip over anything. The trick is to pretend you did it on purpose. I always say "I did that on purpose. i'm so glad all those dance lessons paid off".

everyone, have a great day,


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