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Trying to find my way.
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Welcome Freffy!!! I just jumped in and started when i started. some people find it helpful to start cutting the carbs first like the major ones for a few days then going full force. i will say you may drag and feel yucchy for a few days then feel a huge rush of energy!! Just do it. bottom line veggies are great any ind except peans corn and too much winter squash, but all else is good, fruit for now is not in the plan atleast not atkins induction. Rice pasta bread and well doughnuts bagels and the likes are most certainly out. beans like the kind in three bean salad is out atleast for now. Freffy just be aware that your friend not nly is male and will lose weight like butter on a fry pan, but also being heavy will lose more quickly especially in the beginning.

Salad is wonderful but watch the tomatoes limit to very little.

and do not eat crab salad the fake stuff (will cause horrible cravings as it is made with potatoe starch)

what do you say girls of we move this to the regular forum. as this is usually for the FAQ. you can certainly keep the individuality of this thread going as there are several different groups started up there. there is some great info here that i would hate to see get lost in pages of chatter.
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