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Still waiting for our dd and the gc to arrive...should be here soon. It's a long drive with the children but she spends one night on the road to break it up for them. I was able to get all my housework done so free to enjoy them. Talked to my MF coach today and she said if anyone wants to join MF to give them her number and I get $25 off my products. So let me know if you ever decide to give it a try. I had pancakes for breakfast, yum! It makes 3 little pancakes about 3 inches across. Strange how filling the food is though. I use SF syrup on them. I save them for Saturdays because that's when dh make his and I smell them.

Rosey - sounds like a good day!

Rie - You are sure doing well with the walking! I like walking but don't think I ever really found that happy place with it. My dh says he does or did...he tires much easier since he fx his leg.

Donna - I wouldn't want to smoke MJ because it's so bad for the lungs...afterall that's why I don't smoke cigs and MJ is even worse!

Not much to talk about today....
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