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Originally Posted by Missy Krissy View Post
From my understanding, to measure yourself for a bra you measure around from the center/fullest part of your breasts, then you measure around from just underneath your breasts. What you do to figure out cup size is to subtract the second measurement from the first. For example, if your first measurement was 45, and your second was 40, then you're looking at 5 inches difference from the largest/fullest point to the lowest.
1 inch difference = A cup
2 inch = B cup
3 inch = C cup
4 inch = D cup
5 inch = DD cup, etc.

So in the example the size would be 40DD. I think that to get most accurate measurements it would probably be best to wear no bra, or a very thin bra because you want to make sure you get the right cup size. Hope that helps answer what you were asking!

This is correct. SO many places tell you to add 4 or 5 inches onto the band (under boob) measurement and this is NOT correct.

I had to heavily research this after my boob job. I got large implants and the more traditional (add 4-5 inches) sites had me at a 34B... when fitted at Nordstroms I am actually a 30/32 E.
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