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Originally Posted by ontarget View Post
My only complaint about Dolvett was his harping to the Red Team about their losing the competition for the 2 pound advantage. I thought he was being very negative about something that had already happened and needed to show a more positive attitude. Other than that--I like him.
I dont know. For some people that might be a bad training technique but it is often a good technique with a younger crowd. I saw it more along the lines of building the expectation that on this team less than 100% at all times is unacceptable. We WILL win every competition, we will never grow complacent.

I thought they were shaping Bob into miniJillian as well but not in how he yelled - he's done that before, but in how he tried to be all Dr Phil psychoanalytic about the whole thing.

So ....some twist will happen next week to prevent the blue team from being decimated.
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