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Originally Posted by wtfudge View Post
Can anyone help me explain this phenomena? Because after losing about 30-35lb (185-->155, I'm 5'9"), more people seem to call me fat... at least, out loud, jeeringly. Mostly random pre-teens and teens (I just turned 20). It's only been like 2-3 times in the past 3 months or so. Each time it happens, I just think "man, you should've seen me in '09" but really what I'm thinking is, "what?! now?! seriously?!"

My theory for this is, upon first glance, I think I might look kind of cute. But if you look for longer than a few seconds, reality sinks in: I'm pretty big, if I'm considered a teenager. Basically, I'm really big for a little woman. I guess it's a little discouraging for weightloss because it makes me more emotional/sensitive about my weight :P

Can someone help explain what's going on here though? Is it a phenomena exclusive to my weight/height range?
Do they really mean you are fat or are they saying it in a joking way? Could also be they think you are beautiful and have some of the green monster peeking through? At 5'9 you are hardly fat at 155 lbs in fact you are well within normal range. Clearly they are not actually calling you fat - which would just be mean anyways, who does that?!
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