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I agree with Ennay's hubby...I thought Ana was put on the show as "eye candy" possibly to get more males to give the show a chance. From what it sounded, she doesn't have any personal training experience and she is WAY too soft. When the one guy wanted to leave she was just like "okay, bye," there just doesn't seem to be any fight in her. The thing about Jillian is she was so passionate and was fighting just as hard for her team as they were fighting for themselves (or harder at times). Bob has that and the new male trainer seems to have it as well, but Ana doesn't seem to have that, or at least not yet. Maybe it will come out of her...but I question if she even has the knowledge to get the oldies team where they need to be to drop the big numbers.

There seems to be so much stacked against the oldies team that it doesn't seem fair. They have the inexperienced trainer and they have all the physical issues with being older working against them. Ana needs to step it up or they will be picked off one by one.

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