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Default I watched!

Originally Posted by TooManyDimples View Post
Dolvett seems like a really good inspiring trainer. Ana, not so much. I don't think she works well as a trainer, I think she'll be too soft on them, especially since she ended up with the seniors. Her being a trainer just seems like such a gimmick to me.
Couldn't have said it better myself! Note to Ana: Stop rubbing their backs and figure out a way to truly motivate them!

I don't believe for one second that if Bob was the seniors trainer they would have pulled similar low numbers! 4lbs all week? (I think I heard Jillian screaming when she saw that.) Bob is really good at working around injuries and issues and still producing good weight loss.

On the upside, I'm addicted to BL so I'll be watching no matter what happens!

April Snow: Using the wii steps while watching is a great idea! I'll pull mine out next week.
Mini Goal #1: Get to the 130's! (Yikes, it's been at least 5 years!)

Mini Goal #2: Get to the 120's (Back into my skinny jeans finally! Truly a time to rejoice!)

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