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OKOKOKOK.. I have to say this because everyone is going on about 30 lb losses and the like. Before the first weigh in TBL hosts a buffet to load them up. They GORGE, sodium load, water load, whatever they can to get the highest weight possible.

Frankly I have always thought the first weeks weigh in was more a matter of who managed to preload best. Lots of fiber free carbs water and salt, get bloated and constipated without actually taking in as many calories as maybe someone who went for the carb/fat combo foods.

I thought Anna was a gimmick when they announced her last season. dh thinks its to try to get more male viewers. But no, she cant bring it like Jillian. Or even Kara (although I found her annoying)

As far as the age is weird...but they'll throw in a few gimmicks to level it out soon.
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