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Originally Posted by TooManyDimples View Post

Dolvett seems like a really good inspiring trainer. Ana, not so much. I don't think she works well as a trainer, I think she'll be too soft on them, especially since she ended up with the seniors. Her being a trainer just seems like such a gimmick to me.
I didn't even know TBL's new season was starting last night, so I watched only few bits and pieces while channel surfing during commercials in What Not To Wear. I really hate that two shows overlap (plus, I have Zumba from 8 to 9).
I was thinking, what kind of sense does it make to have 60-year olds compete against people a generation younger (if not more - like I said, I saw only few bits). Not that weight loss is not possible in senior years but it is an entirely different ballgame than when one is younger. If nothing else, your body simply doesn't recover that quickly from exercise (speaking from my own experience - I am 52). IMHO, the age of the participants should be within a 10 yr range or something like that.
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