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Thanks Slim Me, Jolina, and Jane. I'll find a way, as what is for sure is as long as I start my day posting on my 3fc blog, checking in my weight on my ticker, and writing on this forum ~~~ I'm focusing.

Yesterday I came to some key realizations. One is that I want to learn ballet for exercises (barre), and I realized that I have the perfect platform (with a barre!) to do this, and that is the landing of the stairs on the second loft story of my house, which has an iron rail ! I have figured out how to make playlists of youtube and I can plug in the computer audio to the house, and…voila… I can hear all through the house. (I have been listening to Celtic music, as Ullean bagpipes, this way on Youtube playlists for a few weeks now, and it's fabulous!).

I am going to figure out how to do a floor exercise routine if it takes a year. I am not going to buy any equipment, and I am going to lose 50 pounds while attaining the grace of a ballet dancer. I yearn to do my cycling too, but I am going to wait until I’ve lost twenty pounds and have hit a plateau, because then I’ll need another tool to up the ante. I’ve thought about the inevitable plateaus, and about planning ahead for them, and having a line of artillery ready and waiting. First will be the cycling, and that might carry me to my goal weight, but I have yet to think of another, probably will be packing weight on a long hike once a week, alternating with a distance bicycle ride. But that is too far ahead to worry about.

For now, my first line of artillery is to walk 30 minutes a day, and to start to learn a stretching, isometric type ‘floor routine’. For now my eating is about to not think about depriving myself of foods I love, but implementing ’superfoods’ as much as possible. Which brings on a new topic …

… my absolutely wonderful new kale and pasta dish !!!

OMG…(notice I said kale and pasta, not pasta and kale). I am going to stop running away from the foods I love, but to relearn to incorporate superfoods at every turn, for a lifestyle I can keep. I went down to the garden and snipped a handfull of fresh Russian Kale (softer, nearly like spinach) and cut into thin strips, and put in a bowl, with a little olive oil, a crushed clove of garlic, and when I dumped the hot pasta on it ( much less mind you), and tossed it about,,, the kale wilts and then it’s just perfect. OMG …then a little red chile flakes and nutritional yeast on top of that… and I swear it is as satisfying as my old habit of loads of pasta a la carte. Mixing in the greens, and lots of them, is key. Dominating my diet with super nutrition rich food, eventually my taste buds are going to cooperate.

I’m feeling very happy and hopeful today about my Lifestyle Project !

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