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I am not 100% whole foods, but I do try my best to eat as whole and clean as possible. I find that eating fast/processed foods leads to eating more fast/processed foods. It seems like there were days that went by before I realized I had eaten every single meal out of a drive-thru or a package. I did a "superfoods" only kind of plan a few years ago and lost 75 lbs. I had several unfortunate things happen in my life and fell off the wagon, gaining every ounce I lost back again. I realized that my life is passing me by and decided I needed to get back on plan and start living again. I feel amazing again and eat as clean as possible. I really only have a little dark chocolate a few times a week because I'm still afraid to try anything else "sweet" for fear of going into a sugar coma and eating everything in sight!
Being fat is hard. Losing is hard. Maintaining is hard. Choose your hard.

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