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Jude, I just read your post. . I LOVE THIS , and can *so* relate to it ! I have been wilted in my motivation thinking that all I eat is going to have to be out of my life forever (my 'thing' is buttered whole wheat toast). I am really glad to finally see someone who is doing it with just common sense. I'm not knocking anybody's diet down, be it understood, but to me I have let doubt rule my thinking... for so long now, gawd, already 9 years since I've ballooned up in my forties. In fact, my forties were all about my body expanding and my self esteem and confidence shrinking ~ my fifties (start in January) will be all about my body shrinking and my self esteem, confidence, and wisdom growing bigger than ever .

A funny thing I've heard over and over about aging , regarding staying fit and healthy : " It takes twice the work , with half the results".

Well, I got to thinking about that . I personally think that as a response to that I'll say " No, we're working half as hard (as in our 20s/30's) and expecting twice the results !!!"
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