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Greetings Everyone. I come here feeling very unhappy. Today I woke with a sad and low realization that my whole physical problem is out of control. How I know this is that I am sabotaging my every effort unconsciously. One day I resolve, and by the end of that day I have forgotten completely. Not just cheating, but forgot. I realize the brain works in mysterious ways, but this is indeed out of control.

Also, I realize that I am far too sedentary now. Sure, I may go for a 40 to 60 minute hike 4 or 5 times a week, but when I'm not hiking, I'm on the computer or sitting, eating, or feet-up-on-the-couch knitting. On top of that, I sleep 8 hours every night (always have though, even when I was really fit ).

I am shocked to realize what a sedentary person I've become as the last decade has molded me from a pretty active person into a very sedentary one. I've got to figure out how to better use my time, because inertia physically creates inertia in the mind, and cycling around, worsening gradually. I feel life is slipping away from me as I'm turning into a beached whale incrementally, though certainly not unnoticingly. I am so inflexible... it's scary. I mean really scary. I feel like I'm slowly suffocating and being crushed to death by my own weight. I need help , and going to have to make some decisions.

In a few months I turn fifty, so I think I'll just get a head start and hang out here. I really need the more secluded forums as I feel easily overwhelmed by the large main one. I did come here some months ago, introducing myself , but like my eating plans, forgot. I will come here EVERY MORNING now, promise, because this is going to be a long and challenging and very difficult journey, and I am going to need to hunker down with the experienced ~ and to just make the choice to be in control, every single morning.
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