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PERSONAL INFORMATION: Hi. I am 59, 60 in November and my original plan was a balloon flight but, given that it will be nasty and cold, am opting for a helicopter ride down the Rhein. My partner and I have been together for thirteen years (three failed marriages prior) and are devoted. We met online playing a text MUD, she a necromancer and I an animist, so she `killed' me a lot. A couple of real life meets later and now here we are! No kids.

I read a lot, any genre as long as the writing is excellent but a particular fondness for Orson Scott Card and Neal Stephenson at the moment. Huge fan of John Irving and John Le Carre. I lean towards classical music and it depends on the mood I am in whether I want Beethoven or Prokofiev, or even choral.

I am an inveterate fantasy gamer, starting from Dungeons and Dragons and leapt right into computer multiuser games with indecent haste and enthusiasm starting with MUD1 before there was an internet, and racing up through all other games from text muds up to the likes of Everquest, World of Warcraft and now Rift.

I do not watch much telly. I really like How Do They Do It, and How It Works type programmes and some nature series ... and then, on the other scale I get totally immersed in Strictly Come Dancing, The X Factor and would not miss Dr Who and Torchwood for the world. We tend to watch a lot of DvDs and I enjoy anything other than vampires and mafia normally. If we watch series we get them on DvD rather than follow them on the telly so at the moment we are fans of Dexter, Sons of Anarchy etcetc

We live in Germany, have been here for over four years now, having left Britain after far too many traumas there. I am originally from what was Southern Rhodesia (when I was born) and now is Zimbabwe and I have lived in various countries ... Portuguese East Africa, South Africa, Eire, Eqypt, UK (Wales for several years). I feel very comfortable and at home in Germany, for the first time since I left home (Rhodesia). I do not see myself moving again and I do see myself being a citizen.

DIET / EXERCISE REGIMEN: I am 5`2" and weight 229.80lbs (as of today). I hope to lose another 90lbs, I would love more but I am being realistic ... I shall not be 8 stone again I think!

At the moment I do two exercise sessions in the day, 40 minutes on the dancemat plus upper body exercises, and later I do 40 minutes on the treadmill. I am adding both time and speed and extra upper body exercises each week, nothing too manic ... just notching up the treadmill speed in increments of .1 per week so only doing 3.2 kph right now, plus the dancemat is in simple, beginner tunes, I will go another few weeks before I go intermediate. And upper body, just added the pound wrist weights last week and upped the number of rolls, swings and things.

I do have a Wii and the fitness programs. I shall do another session in the evenings when the cold weather sets in again using the Wii. My balance really sucks right now with this tummy of mine so things like the cycling session really kill my back. That will come right as my muscles improve and my tummy weight drops.

Foodwise, I am on low fat anyway due to gallstones - so was used to no cheese, eggs, milk or marbled meats etc. I was never a sweet person - not into the chocolate but I do love savories. I miss fries still! I was vegetarian (macrobiotic) for a time and that really kept me trim but I find it hard to maintain now and meat crept back in the diet. I use a lot of chicken and turkey breast, and salmon, fresh vegetables, salads and fruit. The only thing that works for me is low cals and exercise. I don't count calories, I don't want to be that immersed in case I lose it.

I am more concerned with fitness and health rather than how I look, though I would not mind being a gorgeous old woman I cannot see that quite happening so will settle for sprightly and twinkly with wrinkly.

SPECIAL HOPES / ASPIRATIONS / ACHIEVMENTS / CHALLENGES: I mentioned that I have lived in Germany for more than four years now .... and I do not speak German. So this is my aspiration. I am agoraphobic so I don't speak to anyone other than my partner and I never go out unless with her. She speaks fluent German so I never really have to open my mouth. So, yes, I want to read and write German excellently.

I am not going to reach beyond agoraphobia right now. I have a wonderful, happy life which I spend with the best person I have ever known. Sometime in the future I may venture forth alone but right now the only pressure I see in it is if I need to be in hospital or some other place she cannot or would not want to be. We have had all `those conversations' relating to the agoraphobia and I know and trust that if she were feeling pressured or badly about it she would tell me and I would break heaven on make something change. Right now we are just happy and we go wonderful places around here.

I also want, next year, to be able to go cycling with her. She goes out alone now and brings me back photographs, or she tries to show me where she cycles when we drive around. We are so near the Black Forest and some amazing cycleways. I want to have the weight dropped and be fit enough to go with her come next summer.

And I have an electronic keyboard which I am practising daily at. My mum was an amazing pianist, she was concert pianist standard. As a child I was `promising' and won an eistedford against juniors twice my age (I played Beethoven at six years old!) For some reason I lost my way on this one. I would just like to knock out a couple of tunes for now... the grand piano can come in time.

And I want to write again. I had three novels published some years ago and I loved it. Tragedies intervened and I put down the pen and have not picked it up. Lately, though, my imagination and muse are revisiting and I am tentative. Who knows. I have drafted some ideas for a synopsis and fleshed out a few characters ...

I did the uni thing ... psychology and philosophy. For a while, weirdly enough, I also lectured ... in marine law. I had a career, made a lot of money, lost it, lived wildly...

Right now I feel the best emotionally, the least best physically. I am aiming to get the latter up to the level of the former and then I reckon I have it whipped!

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