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Originally Posted by Andrbeck View Post
I will exercise more. Eat less. Lose weight.. have a huge cheeseburger.

Then eat, and enjoy a huge cheeseburger once a month as a treat. Why would you ever stop exercising or, eating less in general if you have one cheeseburger a month?

This whole lifestyle change does not mean we eat perfectly 24/7. It simply means that more often than not we make some really great, healthy decisions, and then every once in a while we can have something maybe not as super great.

Or if we make a mistake we say "Oh well" and we get right back to our plans the very next moment.

It sounds like you actually do just fine for a month... and then you let one little thing derail you and keep you from choosing healthy, again.

Why do you think you need to be perfect to lose weight forever?

To me it sounds more like you're beating yourself up over something like a little slip-up, and then telling yourself you "can't" do it.... when in reality, you're actually doing the same things that anyone who sticks with it is... they just don't beat themselves up over an occasional "bad" food. They let it go, and move on. That's why they're still on their plans.
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