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Question How do you actually lose weight and stick to it?

I want to lose weight. However, it's like after a month of good weight loss (about 7 pounds) I always fall off whatever I've been doing. I will exercise more. Eat less. Lose weight.. have a huge cheeseburger. I don't get it. I feel like I haven't been able to completely devote myself to this whole weight loss thing. I want to. but at the same time it's like my subconscious is telling me I'm not good enough? Or I Can't do it?? I just Don't know how to acutally stick to it! My mom is wanting me to talk to a nutritionist or dietician or whatever lol she is tired of hearing me talk about being "fat".. I have considered talking to my OB about it. Because ultimately I am wanting to lose weight so we can try for number 2. Because I just can't see getting pregnant now and gaining more weight and feeling even worse about my self. My work has a free gym and I've been trying to get motivated to go . wah. I just need some advice. How to dedicate myself fully to losing weight. Getting past that first month.
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